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* New constructions, additions, exiting, remodels, alterations


For Homes up to 2500 sq feet


For Homes Between >2501-5000 sq feet

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For Homes Above 5001 Sq ft. 

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What we need from you...

To Order a REScheck Report

1. Send us your drawings, using our e-mail.

• Attach drawings to your e-mail:
- preferred drawings formats: PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.
- files can be compressed into zip file to make them smaller.

What we need for energy calculations:

• REScheck version adopted in local jurisdiction
• Project name and address
• Project designer name, address, phone
• Scope of work: New Construction/Remodel/Addition, Windows/Floor/Roof/HVAC/WH alteration, replacement, etc.
• Floor plan(s) - Existing and Proposed (if applicable) - with all existing, removed, altered and new Exterior Walls, Windows and Doors dimensions
• Elevation Views (optional)
• Orientation of Building (North arrow)
• Average ceiling height
• Floor: Raised with Crawlspace or Raised without Crawlspace (<18 inches above grade) or Slab-on-grade
• Roof: with Attic or Cathedral

* You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours and forward your information to 
Certified Energy Raters, LLC

2. We will contact you after reviewing your project

3.  We promise a quick turnaround time to have your completed report back to you